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@ Lilizuki - Your SU looks good~ I can actually see a bit of myself in Adelaide...except I'm a guy ._. Unfortunately, although it wasn't directly mentioned, Sarah has already reserved the last Wild Card. Sorry. Mudkip and Treecko are available though.

@ Sarah - Sarah scares me a bit >.< Um, the appearance section there seems a bit thin, but I'll let that slide. Just the RP sample now. I know I said it was only about you receiving the mail, but if you could just make that a tad longer, I'll accept you in. I'm looking for RPers who can do semi-novel-length RP posts, see. So, until then, you are pending~

Forgot to mention this, but reservations only last 24 hours, so Chuuritsu, you only have until 12:48 pm (GMT +8) to post your SU~

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