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I raised all my Pokemon up to level 50 and took on the Elite Four

-Riptide vs. Xatu: Ice Punch, OHKO Xatu fainted!
-Seer vs. Exeggutor: Fly (1), Reflect, Fly (2), Egg Bomb (miss), Fly (1), Reflect, Fly (2), Egg Bomb (miss), Egg Bomb, Peck, Exeggutor fainted,
-Riptide vs Jynx: Body Slam, OHKO Jynx fainted!
-Thyme vs. Slowbro: Razor Leaf (critical hit), OHKO Slowbro fainted!
-Riptide vs. Xatu: Ice Punch, OHKO Xatu fainted!
-Seer vs. Ariados: Fly (1), Double Team, Fly (2), OHKO Ariados fainted!
-Seer vs. Forretress: Future Sight, Spikes, Fly (1), Swift (miss), Protect, Fly (2) (miss), Night Shade, Swift, Peck, Forretress fainted.
-Riptide vs. Crobat: Double Team, Icea Punch, Full Restore > Crobat, Ice Punch, Toxic, Body Slam, Crobat fainted.
-Seer vs. Venomoth: Fly (1), Toxic (miss), Fly (2), OHKO Venomoth fainted!
-Thyme vs. Muk: Body Slam, Acid Armor, Body Slam (critical hit), Muk fainted.
-Seer vs. Hitmontop: Fly (1), Pursuit (miss), Detect, Fly (2) (miss), Peck (critical hit), OHKO Hitmontop fainted!
-Lily vs. Onix: Petal Dance, OHKO Onix fainted!
-Lily vs. Hitmonchan: Petal Dance, Fire Punch, Sludge Bomb, Hitmonchan fainted.
-Lily vs. Hitmonlee: Hi Jump Kick, Petal Dance (critical hit), Hi Jump Kick, Petal Dance (critical hit), Hitmonlee fainted.
-Seer vs. Machamp: Fly (1), Rock Slide (miss), Fly (2), Rock Slide, Full Restore > Machamp, Peck, Fly (1), Rock Slide (miss), Fly (2), Machamp fainted. Xatu Leveled Up!
-Thyme vs. Umbreon: PoisonPowder, Sand-Attack (fail), Body Slam, Mean Look, Body Slam, Confuse Ray, Umbreon fainted from Poison.
-Seer vs. Vileplume: Fly (1), Stun Spore (miss), Fly (2), Stun Spore (miss), Peck, Vileplume fainted,
-Riptide vs. Murkrow: Ice Punch, OHKO Murkrow fainted!
-Lily vs. Gengar: Curse, Petal Dance, Lick, Petal Dance, Gengar fainted.
-Riptide vs. Houndoom: Surf, OHKO Houndoom fainted! Riptide Leveled Up!
-Thyme vs. Gyarados: Razor Leaf, Rain Dance, Razor Leaf, Hyper Beam, Razor Leaf, Gyarados is recharging, Razor Leaf, Gyarados fainted.
-Riptide vs. Dragonite: Ice Punch, OHKO Dragonite fainted!
-Riptide vs. Dragonite: Ice Punch, OHKO Dragonite fainted!
-Riptide vs. Dragonite: Ice Punch, OHKO Dragonite fainted! Riptide Leveled Up!
-Riptide vs. Aerodactyl: Surf, OHKO Aerodactyl fainted!
-Riptide vs. Aerodactyl: Surf, OHKO Charizard fainted!

-Beat Lt. Surge
-Beat Sabrina
-Got the Machine Part
-Meat Misty
-Returned the Machine Part
-Beat Erika

Current Team:

Thyme (Meganium) Lv. 55 (Miracle Seed)
Body Slam, PoisonPowder, Razor Leaf, Synthesis

Riptide (Politoed) Lv. 53
Surf, Hypnosis, Ice Punch, Body Slam

Lily (Bellossum) Lv. 53
Petal Dance, Sludge Bomb, Moonlight, Sleep Powder

Seer (Xatu) Lv. 56
Peck, Future Sight, Night Shade, Fly

HM Slave: Paras (Cut, Flash), Pinsir (Cut, Strength), Chinchou (Flash, Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall)
Completed Challenges:
Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Dark, Ghost
One-in-Each Challenge:
Dragonite - Hitmonchan - Gardevoir - Blissey - Beartic

Current Challenges:
Green Ultimate Monocolor Challenge
Red - Gold - Sapphire - Platinum - White
Completed - Completed - Completed - Completed - 0/8 Badges

Medieval Era Ultimate Time Warp Challenge
LeafGreen - Crystal - Ruby - Pearl - Black
Completed - 8/16 Badges - 0/8 Badges - 0/8 Badges - 0/8 Badges

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