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Heck yeah I did! It was a Rock-type! You know how useful that STAB is in-game, especially early on. Plus the Geodude I've been using was a disappointment in the making because I knew I was never gonna get a Golem from it. :( And I already had a Nidoking (actually, I was still a Nidorino then but yeah) so I don't need two Ground-types. :3

Besides it had really superb Attack and Defense for some reason, and even though it was a pain to grind up to levels that can take Red through the Elite Four, I still stuck with it. It's actually something I included in my party on a whim; I originally wanted a Tauros in, but when I caught one and saw how ugly its overworld sprite is (and how awesome Sudowoodo's is by comparison), I just switched with the Sudowoodo right away. Rock Slide + Wood Hammer was pretty valuable late in the game, too, since I didn't have Grass-types in my party.
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