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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
New picture from this weekend :3 And yep.. it's Captain Fabio and I again~ @_@ Lol but it's always the couple-y shots that I think I look best in ;o;..


and fine.. this one's not as flattering but what the hey..
I look all pouty because I'm concentrating on playing keyboard haha
and every other picture I look like this:

short ftl I'm even wearing 3 inch heels ;o;... :c
I really didn't know you played the keys! That's awesome. And yeah, Will makes you look tiny... I'll add a photo of me looking small too!

Originally Posted by Pave Low View Post
More Harry Potter Studios pictures :3

I can't smile properly when people are watching me, OKAY?

Nervous smile. I really couldn't help it; the excitement of being there mixed with the people watching you.

I have more amazing pictures, but of the actual place not me so might just make an album.
Looks like you had a sweet time man! Really wanna go there some day.

Aaaannnd this is one of me and my extremely tall friend. I'm a celebrity and I was at a co- We were at a concert, so a big magazine turned up and wanted to take photos.