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Found a perfect name~

Name: Ariel Mihara
Age: 14
Gender: Female

History: Ariel is a half-Japanese living with her mother and Step-father. Her family believes in the new age, contrast to the traditional Japanese spartan household, but even then she was never told who her biological father is.

She moved up several years and is currently a 2nd year High School student studying in the Sumida prefecture of Tokyo, Japan. As an advanced student, she is sort of an outcast, with select few friends and has trouble relating to others.

Ariel has trouble with names, where she is called "Ai-chan" or "Rie-chan" by her peers, for her part her surname is a sensitive issue to her. This often leads to small arguments, with Ariel backing down and not making the effort to fix the mess. Her seclusive demeanor does not help her in this cases. Among her class, she's above-average in everything but Physical Education, but this only drives the rift between her and her peers even more.

She's different inside and outside of her school, whereas she is sunny and prancing at the sidewalk, something one would expect from a childish 14-year old, she is very spacey and subdued at her desk in her class. Some people say she has violent tenancies, where she will suddenly lash out at those who try to provoke or approach her.

Her family knows of this, and she often goes to a doctor for a periodical checkup.

Appearance: Her chestnut-brown hair is cut an inch above the shoulders, framing her wide green eyes. Her skin is fair and her slim figure stands at 4’11.

Ariel is almost always found wearing at least one hair accessory, be it clip, band, or ribbon. The only exception to the rule is when she’s wearing one of her collection of head-wears.

She often wears a purple or gray double-breasted coat with a white shirt poking from underneath the neckline, a matching pleated skirt, and brown or onyx boots. Sometimes she wears a necklace to go with her outfit.

Over all, she looks more of European descent with Japanese traits here and there.

Personality: She suffers from D.I.D., with at least two other personalities. Her dominant personality(original) however is reclusive and prefers to read than to talk to other people. She is more likely to trust and follow others than to take lead.

Ariel doesn't know how to react to other people and often relies on her emotions to dictate what she is going to do. Compared to her other persona though and most children, Ariel seems more 'mold-able' than most.

One thing to note, however, is that her personality shifts at a moment's notice. There are tell-tale signs of this happening, like her pupils dilating, her pausing for a second, and her swapping her head-wear.

Likes: Head-wear, the colour Violet, White Chocolate, dogs, birds, reading and Anime.
Dislikes: Names in general, Eggplants, People who bother her, and hospitals.

Starter Pokémon: Treecko

RP sample: Ehehehe~ I got carried away typing this out.

"So, Ariel-san." The psychiatrist said, Ariel practically glowing when her name is pronounced correctly and with honorifics. "I know now what your condition is. Do you want to hear about it?"

The girl's parents traded looks, worried that they're talking about something so delicate in front of her. The psychiatrist merely shook his head, smiling a bit sadly.

"Ariel is a strong girl, and she's mature for her age, despite having a childlike innocence. It's a rare trait, but it'll help us with her therapy. Besides, if you keep it a secret from her, it'll only hurt her more trying to protect her." He turned back to the young girl, who's eyes despite being half-lidded shined like an emerald with the emotions swimming beneath them. "Do you want to talk about it?"

The girl glanced at her parents who gave her a hesitant nod. She smiled, then looked at the psychiatrist.

"You have Dissociative Identity Disorder, or D.I.D. You may also know it as Multiple Identity Disorder." He said to the parents. The man stood up from his seat and knelt in front of Ariel, his large hand covering her knee. The doctor made it a point to make sure that his movements are slow, so as not to startle the girl.

"It's a condition where you have more than one personality. Normally, it is destructive, but in your case it seems like a symbiotic relationship. The Personae act only in extreme circumstances or when you, Ariel, suffer much abuse. They shield you from the blunt of the experience, and in turn they get free reign with your body."

"Doctor." The mother said, "It seems like you're saying this is a good thing! My daughter has a mental disorder, and you're-"

Ariel's step-father shushed his wife, calming her down by rubbing her arms and rocking her from side-to-side. As she quieted down, he allowed the doctor to continue.

"Please understand, I'm only being objective. It is unprofessional to not tell something as it is."

"But what about the voices? Are you sure there is nothing wrong with them? What if they tell her to do the wrong things?"

"Mihara-san, your daughter is not schizophrenic, though it may appear that way at first. These 'voices' as you call it is created by your daughter, for what reason I do not know, but we will find out. That is what you are here for, right?"

"You mean Imu and Kyouko?" That got the attention of the two men, but before the psychiatrist could act on it, a clock on the office desk went off.

The doctor sighed, then waved them to the door. "I'm sorry, but time's up. I have another appointment soon that I cannot postpone. Ariel-san, I'll see you on our next session."

~ ~ ~

During their drive home, everyone is quiet. The tense atmosphere from their visit was, thankfully, broken by the ringing of Ariel's phone.

"Mou, Ai-chan! You suddenly disappeared on us! At least tell us when you're going to up and leave!" The voice over the phone said, it was feminine, and has a playful tone to it. One could easily tell however, that the owner of the voice is at least a few years older than Ariel.

"Gomen." Is the girl's only response. Whoever she is talking to wasn't discouraged though.

"Ah well, let's just hang out on Monday okay? Don't leave school without us!"

She closed her phone, then went back to looking out the road. Her step-father asked if it was a friend of her's, but she only gave a curt nod. After that, the rest of the trip continued in silence.

As soon as the car parked in front of their drive-way, she rushed out of the car and went straight to her room, her school bag still slung around her shoulders.

The girl jumped into her bed, making her sink in the soft material. A soft blinking from the laptop on her desk caught her attention, but she fell asleep resolving to check it after a quick nap.
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