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Hey everyone! Looking for a little constructive criticism on my Pokemon White 2 in-game team. I'm aiming for a high amount of type-coverage and diverse movesets. If there are any Pokemon or moves you'd switch out, please comment!

Tyranitar with Sand Stream
Stone Edge
Foul Play

Chandelure with Flame Body
Fire Blast
Shadow Ball
Energy Ball

Swanna with Keen Eye
Ice Beam

Garchomp with Sand Veil
Dragon Claw
Dragon Rush

Heracross with Guts
Close Combat
Brick Break
Night Slash

Metagross with Clear Body
Meteor Mash
Zen Headbutt
Thunder Punch
Bullet Punch

I'm pretty attached to the idea of this team, I've spent a while figuring out a decent type coverage. Obviously the most sensible Natures and EV training will be applied. Also, I'd like some input on hold items for these guys if possible, but if not, I'll fall back on the damage-increasing elemental items or things like Expert Belt. Let me know what you all think, good or bad!