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Quote originally posted by Galoria:
[COLOR=DarkGreen][B]Hellow TylerSymes.

I'm sorry but I don't know you. Probably because I'm new here :3
Can you tell me more about you? A short presentation, if you mind!
I'm a 14 year old austrailan boy and you will know more if you VM me since i'm crap at welcome threads.

Quote originally posted by Rainbow Arcanine:
Hi Tyler :D! I haven't seen you around before, that's because I only came in August ;_; but it's nice to see you've come back! It's alright for being absent since nobody can be on PC 24/7, as family,school and other related things get in the way.

Is that a Little Pony I see? I haven't watched the series myself, but I think I've got some little figurines from ages ago. They're hanging around somewhere, probably in a box D:. But it's great to see you return! You obviously know the rules and things of the forum,so I don't have to go through that speech xD.

I'm Rainbow by the way :3. Welcome back Tyler!
Thanks Rainbow and it's a pretty good show.
Quote originally posted by Ralaia:
Hi ya!
I've already seen you and stuff but we never chatted but anyway welcome back to PC.
Cute avatar btw.
Thanks you for both things.
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