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Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
Ewwwww bus. How can you even take a bus when you can drive? I never want to ride one again ¬____¬
YES. Took the bus for 2.5 years in high school, never again. Our bus stop was the first stop, so it always came the earliest (6:45am), and every time it snowed, It was late. It was also extremely over crowded; sometimes people had to sit in the aisles where it was all wet and disgusting from everyone walking through the snow. My bus also had the BEST people on it >.> They would always smoke in the back of the bus and make it smell awful in there (once they even lit the bus seat on fire). And since I was the first stop in the morning, I was the last stop in the afternoon, so I was on the bus for a total of an hour per day with these idiots.

I was so happy when I got that car. Maybe that's where my hate of the cold/snow comes form? xD