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Quote originally posted by Hikari10:
Johto for me, I didn't like their designs much and bar Totodile, they had not-so-good movepools.

Chikorita's line was clearly the worst of the bunch, Totodile's line is the only one with good moves and Cyndaquil's only advantage was for defeating the 2nd and 6th Gyms.

Also, I hated Kanto's starters cos they're overrated, especially Charizard.

I always use Chikorita, and its always easily the 1st or 2nd best pokemon on my team.

I do agree with you on that Kanto's starters are overrated.

I think, when people say that a starter is the 'worst' of its generation, you just have to be good to use it. I.E. Charmander, Chikorita, Treecko, Piplup, Snivy
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