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Originally Posted by Yoshikkko View Post
Uh what? I'll explain it more clearly to you if you don't understand; Dodos went extinct because whenever they were in danger they would call out to their friends and they would actually come too, and thus get all of them killed instead of just the initial one or two. This is stupid literally, this is not a good surviving strategy obviously. It's called natural selection. And oh my god wtf? Dogs and cats are not stupid? One of the main reasons dogs and cats are still here because they aren't. I'm not going to go on about this because it's a whole other discussion.

And secondly, there would not be an "abundance of our species if we ever got a hold of that technology in the PUBLIC". How do you think clones are born? Do you think they are just instantly a copy of the person they were cloned from like in the Pokémon movie? They would have to be born and raised just like any other human being, so no, it wouldn't cause an abundance because it would just be any other baby that was born because it takes as much effort.

Exactly what Shiny Celebi said too.

Well I guess dodos are irrelevant at this point then. Since everyone is getting hyped up about Polar Bear extinction and Other wildlife, then they may as well focus on that.

You say there won't be an abudance of our species because... we won't be adults when we're cloned? We'll be babies? What exactly determines the age of the result of a cloned experiment? I'd like a little more clarification on that.

...and saying it takes as much effort is just ridiculous. How can you say something like a cloning device would take the SAME effort as someone who's pregnant? You think it's just going to sit in that tank for 8 months before it's finished? I don't know about that. We have the technology to speed up growth like that.

Oh and what you and shiny Celebi said:

What happens when Deer, Cow, Chickens and etc. go extinct? What then? Are you gonna sit there and tell me the same thing, because then you might as well be calling us all Vegans.


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