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Originally Posted by DahjerHaze View Post
The link was taken down

Look at the post two post above yours and you'll find a working link to download the game. Honestly, someone needs to put the link somewhere on the first post soon. I too spent quite some time trying to get the game.

Anyways, just wanted to say what a FANTASTIC game this is, metapod23! Just started playing it, and so far I'm about to battle Misty. I watched the anime when I was younger, so this game is total nostalgia for me. As I'm playing I'm like, "Oh, I remember that episode!" and such. I'm playing it straight like the anime, using the exact team that Ash uses, to get the full experience.

The only trouble I've had so far was figuring out that you need to talk to Daisy, then go back in and out of Mt. Moon, then talk to her again to initiate the Gym Battle with Misty. I was stuck for a while wondering why Daisy kept talking about underwater ballet. ^ ^

Keep up the great work!
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