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Originally Posted by Yoshikkko View Post
Yeah I know about that, but they did call their friends and got them all killed. That speeded up the process and if they did that with humans they would have done that with other animals too so it makes no difference. Also, they were hunted by us for food because that is how we had to survive, there were no grocery stores and whatever so it is just survival of the fittest. However the black rhino that went extinct because of poachers that wanted their horns for jewellery, or the whales that are being killed because the Japanese fancy a whale sandwich is a completely different story. Those are luxuries, not survival instinct.
No, no.

There were no predators. Nothing native to Mauritius was a threat to the Dodo. The only things that ended killing them off were people and pests introduced to the island by people.

I'm pretty sure the 'calling other birds over' thing is a myth too, just exaggerated over time. The entire species was wiped out from a presumably stable population to zero in around 75 years - which is ridiculously quick. People were hunting them for sport rather than food.

On another note, the Dodo would be much easier to clone/breed/reintroduce than the black rhino simply because of it's size. Much easier to care for a medium sized bird than it is to car for a car-sized rhino.
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