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Quote originally posted by amoran93:
Hello I am interested in your DW Japanese Bulbasaur. Would a female Eevee with its DW ability be an acceptable trade offer?
That item's free, so don't worry about it. Plus I already have DW Eevee.
Quote originally posted by retinaburn:
Hi Necrum welcome back! I just found your shop and have a couple requests. I'm interested in the Hallows Eve Misreavus, and a Cryogenal (F preferred but not mandatory).

I will try and look through your Gen V list, and see if there are any females I can offer for breeding.

Let me know if you're interested, and your availability... thanks!
Please fill out a breeding request for the Cryoganal. Also, I can breed everything, so you're not gonna find anything to offer. All breeding requests of that sort are free so don't worry about it. Only DW abilities and Egg moves require payment.
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