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Updaaaate~! I also decided to go with Seviper instead of Weezing since I didn't wanna go on a wild goose chase for Koffing. Their encounter rate is 2%. No thanks.

Player: School Kid Noelle
Game: Sapphire
Badges: 4

Schindley / Eevee (m) lv. 31 @ Soothe Bell
Tackle, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Quick Attack

Amigo / Lombre (m) lv. 30
Absorb, Bullet Seed, Fake Out, Nature Power

Salvador / Seviper (m) lv. 28
Crunch, Poison Tail, Bite, Glare

Ariana / Swablu (f) lv. 28
Peck, Ice Beam, Steel Wing, Sing
Bang bang!

Into the room, I know you want it
Bang bang, all over you, I'll let you have it
Wait a minute, let me take you there