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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Updaaaate~! I also decided to go with Seviper instead of Weezing since I didn't wanna go on a wild goose chase for Koffing. Their encounter rate is 2%. No thanks.
Pfft, I went for the 1% nidoran female! And it only took a couple of hours! :P

SO update 1! man I feel like I'm far behind the rest of you guys

-Booted up firered, yay Kanto-time!
-My mission: to take down the evil anti Christmas alliance (gym leaders) with my team of pokemon!
-Named myself Kringle, named my rival Scrooge (Ebinezer didn't fit :( oh well.)
-Did the pregame stuff
-Picked a Bulbasaur named him Pine even though Bulbasaurs have nothing to do with pine trees
-Trained up Pine to level 13 off of kakunas, metapods, Scrooge and a the bug catchers I couldn't avoid in Viridian forest
-Took on Brock the "coal-type" gym leader. Pine whipped him good.
-After hours of searching, I finally found my first Team Kringle ally! Holly the nidoran female joined the team!
I then went back and trained her up on the remaining bug catchers and viridian forest pokemon until she was level 10. We then went back to route 3, and she kicked the rest of the trainers' butts.
-While looking for a paras in Mt. Moon (which took WAAAAY longer than it should have, so I ended up having to sneak past the girl and go to the Paras only section) Holly evolved into Nidorina! I'll evolve her again at level 22 so she can learn bite and still be able to learn body slam
-Caught a paras, and named her Jingle!