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@miksy91 and Darthatron (Warning: I might go slightly off topic here)
It's all about how you look at it. While it is true that there are lots and lots of newbies here whom don't know much about editing a ROM as they just click around in tools, we can't keep posting these 'beginners' guides/tutorials.

In my opinion a good tutorial should be written for everyone. Novice hackers start reading at the beginning where the basics are explained, while more experienced hackers can skip the basic stuff.
That way everyone can learn from it. Of course, once you are familiar with the topic, you would only use the tutorial as a reference for when you are uncertain about something.

Another reason for me disliking all these beginner tutorials is that they are just so.. TOO simple.
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." (Yes, pretty lame I use this quote, I know. Forgive me.)
While you don't want to overcomplicate things (a bunch of people writing tutorials here are good at that too), you too don't want to make it to easy. Give people a challenge! Let them discover something new. Learn them something they wouldn't think of learning on their own.

All of the above was in general, sharing how I think about it. Certainly not for writing off your guide.
I think you, Darthatron, should reconsider writing about manual conversion. You don't have to use scary numbers.

Trust me, there are a bunch of tutorials who are a lot worse. I just would like to see more detailed tutorials over here than the handful I can count. There are too many I-clicked-this-button-and-it-did-this-let's-write-a-tutorial-about-it-tutorial over here.

PS: If you want I can provide you with screenshots for Mac OS X, Windows XP and Ubuntu calculators.
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