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@PkMnTrainer Yellow, done everything you asked and here's my bio, it's a wee bit rough round the edges but it's been awhile hope this is ok

Name: Evie Bellarost

Nickname: Her Aunt Penny calls her Moonshine.

Age (10-15):14

Sex: Female

Dorm: Raikou Dorm

Appearance: Small and curvy, Evie doesn’t go past 5’0. Long, gentle curls of feather, white hair with streaks of silver encircle of perfectly oval, cream face. She sports a small button nose and two forest green eyes, amber flecks spiking out from the pupils. Gentle shades of pastel pinks colour her cheeks and lips, while a few stubborn freckles dot the bridge of her nose. She had a small red scar on the left hand side of her forehead, which is often covered by her bangs, and she holds herself awkwardly, favouring baggy jeans and hoodies to hide behind. Intertwined the tangled mess of silver curls, is a long blue thread braid from which a mid-night blue gem hangs, glittering in whatever light it can harvest, in the shape of a crescent moon.
Along each wrist lays an assortment of bangles and bracelets made from all sorts of material which she had collected through her studies. As well as a small tattoo, again in the shape of a moon, in sky- blue ink is painted onto her right shoulder.
She usually wears a pair of skater jeans with a simple black vest top when it’s warm out, along with big comfortable trainers. A simple black cropped, zip up hoodie goes everywhere with her, it being her lucky black jacket so to speak, along with a rather large canvas messenger bag, which carries her camera, paints, pencils and sketch books, along with a bed roll and food.

Personality: Evie had been a warm, bubbly and outgoing girl before the accident when she was 13. These days she hides all these traits away under a quiet, shy exterior, preferring to spend time by on her own or close friends rather than activity seek out new company. She’s a bit of a book worm and is addicted to coffee as well as copious amounts of chocolate, being very much a creature of comfort. Her talent to paint and draw has taught her over the years to view situation and people in a different manner and is more aware of the fact that what she says can affect those around her and so she leads her life by this motto. “Better to be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt”.
Despite this though, she remains loving and warm to all those who care to take the time with introductions and once befriended no one could ask for a more loyal friend. She is however, easily hurt and criticism makes her wilt faster than a flower in drought, often bursting into tears at the first sign of harsh words directed at her. This coupled with low self-esteem means Evie actively avoid crowded areas, sticking to the roads less well travelled than most. She’s also clumsy, always tripping up over her own feet, so her legs and arms are no stranger to bruises. She’s also skilled at skateboarding. . Her prised possessions are her candy blue head phones, which never leave her head and her lucky black jacket. The blue moon crystal was her mothers and no one, as a rule, is allowed to touch it.

History: At 5 years old, Evie lost both parents to a car accident during a down pore one late autumn evening. The roads had been slick with early winter ice and water pummelled down from the heavens above. Evie sat in the back seat, clutching Leka (her eevee) to her chest, positively jittering with excitement, her long red curls, wild atop her head. Her mother sat in the front seat yowling, at the pain of contractions while Her dad stressed, clutched the wheel so hard his knickles turned white as he pressed down on the accelerator, too caught up on his new son’s up and coming birth to think of the dangers ahead.
It had only taken a few moments. A few moments for the lorry driver, coming the opposite direction, to loll of to sleep. A few moments for the tires to skid on the ice and less than a second for everything Evie had grown to love, to end.
She remembers very little of those few moments, just snatches of memory which offer glimpses into her darkest nightmare, flying glass, screeching wheels and her mother’s cry, a tree, then darkness. The next thing she remembered was waking up in a white room to the bleeping of machinery monitoring her heart beat.
Her hair had turned white that day, it was the trauma of the accident, the doctors had tried to explain. But it was all gibberish to her. she couldn’t even remember what the trauma was meant to be.
Her Aunt and Uncle had taken her in after that, the first day she saw them, her aunt was in tears, while her uncle simply swept her up into his huge arms and held her still, saying nothing. From then on she was brought up on their farm, taught how to care for animals like her uncle, and draw like her aunt. Eevee came with her, saved by her arms in the accident, the small fox Pokémon, was fine, and while she grew, he grew with her and in the nights when terrors overcame her dreams, making her scream out, he was there and over the years, the love between them grew and Eevee turned to umbreon. Silent, still and ever protecting his master.
Recently they were invited to the academy to learn more about pokemon biology, showing great potential for care and research into pokemon breeding and medicine. Though Evie and Leka prefer not to fight, they can certainly pack a punch when they need too.

Pokémon :
Species: Moonlight Pokémon (Umbreon) Rather than then common red eyes associated with umbreon. Leka sports bright amber eyes which make him stand out from others.
Personality : Leka is acutely aware of Evie’s feelings and often tries to protect her from her past. he is always by her side, and source of strength for the nervous girl. Always being there to nudge her along the right path. When alone, he is a loving and playful Pokémon, yet when Evie is threatened, he changes quickly rising to her protection. Often the Pokémon will lay by her feet as she reads, or paints, perfectly content to be in her company alone, but part of him misses the happy side of his master that he saw before the accident, and every now and then leads her into situations which he believes will bring her out of her shell. Lvl:17
Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed):
Quick Attack.
Shadow ball. (TM)
Confuse Ray.
Iron Tail.
physic.( TM)
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