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I don't have a problem with OU, in fact, I like all the tiers except RU(that tier is pointless)

OU isn't the most "standard" tier as any poke/set could work if given the opportunity; you don't have to use toed/scizor/nite/ferro etc. In fact, a lot of the most successful teams in OU actually have a fair bit of mons from other tiers or unusual sets.

As for weather, "countering" or at least checking them isn't that hard. A standard tran/gastro/skarm core should be sufficient enough. That core is also very good at wearing the other team down with hazards, so you can slap on a really cool late gamer (like porygon-z) and some other mons that supports it really well(cleric is almost crucial) and there you have an anti-weather and original team :]
Hax is supposed to happen. Scald has a 100% burn rate(willowisp w/ perfect accuracy); paralysis has a 75% chance of kicking in; Rock slide misses more than stone edge; Hustle= 50% more power at the cost of 100% accuracy.
I get haxed a lot and the hax gods who are the gods of hax hate me I'm sad :[