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@Leaf: Oh, I'm not intimidated! This is exactly what I was hoping for when I posted the idea; feedback! It's vital to creating anything worthwhile that involves other people. I appreciate any and everything that people say in the preparation stages.

Now, in regards to the plot: I've had someone contact me through PM's, and with a little luck; I can get them to come on board to help flesh out the story.. but, this is what I'm thinking so far.

The Master Trainer was murdered for having collected and tamed all of the Legendary Pokemon. The suspect(s) are unknown at this time, but a new organization has recently appeared over the last few months. Not much is known about this group, but sources say that it's a mix of old members of Team Rocket and Team Galactic that, upon their encounters with the Master Trainer, decided to turn over a new leaf, and work alongside Pokemon. Local Law Enforcement all over the Region are conducting mass-scale investigations in to the matter, with backing from this new Organization; which only goes by the name The Ascension Corporation.

Rewards have been offered to anyone who comes forth with any sort of evidence in regards to the murder of the Master Trainer. These rewards range from cash, to rare Pokemon only found in the far reaches of the world. The Ascension Corporation has even opened their doors to offer people positions within the company, depending on the value of any evidence that is presented. As fate would have it, this also springs up various groups of Mercenaries, trying to get in on the prize for their own personal gain.

That's all I've got so far on my own, but am always open to suggestion, advice, critique (so long as it's constructive). Let me know what you think!

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