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Whoa! News! (sorry I'm cuttng nta tha conversation agan)

Tha U.S. Supreme Court has decided ta takes up Prop 8 (tha ban aganst gay marriage n Califonia) and DOMA (tha so-called Defense of Marriage Act which bans that federal government from recognizng sbee-sex marriages). Several thngs could happen:

- Thay could rule aganst tha bans, but only nasmuch as thay would sez that you can't takes away a right once it was given (n Califonia we had sbee-sex marriage fo a short while n a few places befoe Prop 8) or that it's up ta states ta decide how ta handle dis, strikng down DOMA but leavng all tha bans n over 30 states.

- Thay could rule that bans on sbee-sex marriage is just flat-out unconstitutional and all tha bans would go away. Sbee-sex marriage would be legal everywhere.

- Thay could also rule n favor of tha bans, even possibly takng away tha right ta marry n those states that already have laws sezng it's okay.

- Thay could do somethng really unexpected and surprisng that does somethng completely different.

But n any case it'll probably be months and months befoe thay even start hearng arguments.

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