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Originally Posted by Griffinbane View Post
A question. How are you gonna set up the wifi tournaments for community night? Everyone participating must log on PS? Times? Etc.?
The same as the server tournaments. The first Wi-Fi tournament will start at the beginning of CommDay, or whenever there's enough people. Everyone will need to be on the server for the sign ups, brackets, and so on. If they were held on the forum, it wouldn't really be considered CommDay anymore, and it would just be an inconvenient version of a typical forum tournament.

I can't offer times because CommDay can be really unpredictable. We generally have tournaments almost non-stop throughout the day as long as it's active. The themes listed in the first post are reused until we want something different. A Wi-Fi tournament consisting of 6-10 members will probably last around two hours (maybe longer than that because it's Wi-Fi). So, there will likely be a tournament every two hours or so, but I'm not sure when all of the Wi-Fi battlers will start logging on and when we begin the Wi-Fi tours. I could say that we'll have the Christmas tour at 8 AM EST, VGC at 10 AM, another Christmas tour at 12 PM, etc., but I'm not sure if there will be enough people to join each of those. In the last CommDay I provided a rough schedule of times for when all the tournaments are held, but not many showed up for that one. And then I had a few members asking me why "this tournament" hasn't started yet despite it being on the schedule (the reason being, there wasn't enough people).