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YES!!!! After 2 months, it FINALLY decided to show up:


Gender - Male
Ability - Keen Eye
Nature - Bold (+Def, -Atk); Capable of taking hits
HP - 77
Attack - 45
Defense - 95
Sp Attack - 27
Sp Defense - 44
Speed - 48

Caught in a Dusk Ball.

So after 11,329 REs the SHINY SKARMORY is now mine! I'm still a little in shock but I just can't explain how happy I feel right now. Been feeling very discouraged these last couple days and I had barely been hunting for the past two weeks. Tonight I decided to get a little hunting done in Soul Silver after I got home from work out of boredom, not really expecting any results. I had just finished marking yet another encounter on the calculator when I went back to watching Burn Notice. While watching I heard another encounter come up and I glanced down just in time to see those green wings coming across the screen! Then I saw that shine and my face fell to the floor. I immediately stopped everything and went into that zone where all my focus was on trying to catch the shiny. I caught it and saved as quickly as possible, thought about making a video of it but I didn't wanna take that chance of something going wrong (idk what I would've done if the game froze or something) but after I caught it I took some pics so I'll post them up later. This was my longest hunt ever at 11,329 as well as my first RE hunt. I have been wanting shiny Skarmory ever since I first saw it and I just had to have it. The hunt was long but so well worth it, I now have my third shiny! And I feel like my tribute to my lost Swampert and Swellow (RIP) in Ruby version is now finished; Swampert and Typhlosion - both starters, both luckily obtained in less than 20 SRs, also Swellow and Skarmory - both flying types, both have green in their shiny colors. Now I plan on playing my way through SS while I figure out what my next target will be. I'm not in too big of a rush though, I'm still riding high from catching Skarmory. I'll post pics of it later, as well as what my new target will be. Meanwhile, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ON THEIR HUNTS! Stay motivated! :DDD


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