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Originally Posted by Wynchester View Post
This is freaking awesome. Not gonna lie. One problem I noticed as far as glitches is with Blaine... He beat my *** so hard during the 1-on-1 battle it threw me a few towns away, which is supposed to happen because i forgot to use Cinnabar's PokeCenter. The glitch is, after he demolished me... I still got the badge. The script where i was supposed to get it didnt pop up ever, but I have the badge and cant battle him. I wouldnt normally mind... but i wanted to get Fire Blast for my Charmeleon. Just thought I would let you know.

Also, is it okay if I go in and edit a couple things with the game to fix some of the glitches I noticed?
But Blaine has three pokes when you battle him. How come there is only one in your situation. Explain that first?

Originally Posted by DahjerHaze View Post
I'm stuck inside Bills Lighthouse, after I've talked to Prof. Oak on the telephone, I talked to Bill, and tried to leave but it won't let me, I've even tried talking to Bill numerous times & the telephone. What do I do?
I am positive this is your ROM's problem because I never got stuck in their. Try using a clean FireRed ROM or try Walk through Walls cheat.
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