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Quote originally posted by Wynchester:
This is freaking awesome. Not gonna lie. One problem I noticed as far as glitches is with Blaine... He beat my *** so hard during the 1-on-1 battle it threw me a few towns away, which is supposed to happen because i forgot to use Cinnabar's PokeCenter. The glitch is, after he demolished me... I still got the badge. The script where i was supposed to get it didnt pop up ever, but I have the badge and cant battle him. I wouldnt normally mind... but i wanted to get Fire Blast for my Charmeleon. Just thought I would let you know.

Also, is it okay if I go in and edit a couple things with the game to fix some of the glitches I noticed?

But Blaine has three pokes when you battle him. How come there is only one in your situation. Explain that first?

Quote originally posted by DahjerHaze:
I'm stuck inside Bills Lighthouse, after I've talked to Prof. Oak on the telephone, I talked to Bill, and tried to leave but it won't let me, I've even tried talking to Bill numerous times & the telephone. What do I do?
I am positive this is your ROM's problem because I never got stuck in their. Try using a clean FireRed ROM or try Walk through Walls cheat.

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