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James Joules Garnet - Route 208 -> Children's City

James snapped back to reality with a blink, looking at Aria. "It never even occurred to me... How in the world did I forget how things are...?" James said aloud, not quite to anyone. Kept his pace level with Aria's, slipping his hands in his pockets. He didn't feel as stupid as before, but rather sheepish about how ridiculously he'd been acting.

When Aria mentioned they were nearing Children's City, Andy suddenly felt a feeling of apprehension wash over him. His muscles tensed, his eyes narrowing as the City came into view. "As long as no one bothers us, I won't bother anyone else. You have my word." James said this truthfully, but the thought of getting into a fight with a strong wielder made the hair on the the back of his neck stand on end. It was an exciting prospect, annihilating someone and proving his supremacy to the world. Alas, it could not be. Even James couldn't handle being attacked by multiple strong enemies who were out for blood, doubtless the result of him attacking someone. Still though, James half hoped that some poor soul would try messing with them so that could may let himself go without restraint.

James eyed his surroundings carefully as Aria led him inside the parameters Children's city, his previously embarrassed expression was now completely gone, a serious grimace present while he looked from building to building. "So, there's no one in charge here then...?" James asked incredulously. He would bet anything that there was some oppressive warlord making the other children follow his every whim. 'Safety' like this didn't come without someone like that being on top of the others, or so James thought. He couldn't help but smile a little at Aria's twirl, and let himself ease up slightly. If she was so comfortable here, it had to be a good place.

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