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Evie Bellarost
Arriving at the Raikou Dorm

OOC: sorry it's a bit long.. won't happen again


Hood up, a small figure stood in the narrow door way to one of Raiku’s dorm rooms. The silhouette cut a small tom-boyish figure with curves in all the right places. It was only when the figure moved to pull back the black hoodie’s hood, that a small, oval face appeared. Cream skin, glowing faintly in the dim while two forest green eyes peered out from behind a silver curtain of wavy hair. Candy, green headphones encircled her head like a halo, blasting out music, until the girl clicked stop on her music player and the deafening, tones of rock fell to silence instantly.

Here in the door way Evie clutched the strap of her bag as she looked over her new room. It was bigger than anything she had back on the ranch; she had to give it that and seemed nice enough as long as you ignored the spider dangling in one of the corners.

The all the walls were bare, with a small single bed running along one wall, coupled with a wardrobe and a desk, which wobbled when Evie dropped her sketch book onto its rough surface. The only feature that stood out was a rug, that had been red once upon a time and now lay dead centre in the room.

Kicking her shoes off, Evie draped herself across the single desk chair in front of the desk, propping her legs up onto the end of the bed with a heavy sigh. It had been a long day, too long really. Here she pulled her cap off, letting hair pool out behind her, shaking it slightly to get rid of some of the tangles within the waves. For a new student, she didn’t show much excitement, with fatigue weighing her limbs down and making her movements sluggish, she just didn't have the energy to show much emotion. Even shyness was out of her emotional range in this current state.

Opening one eye slightly, she watched as Leka trotted into the room, the sleek muscular Umbreon, whom usually held himself with grace and air, now slouched over to the bed, climbing onto the mattress with a triumphant yip, before dropping his head onto his forepaws and falling asleep.

“You and me both” Evie smiled, pulling herself up from her slouch and stroking Leka’s soft head. Two weeks of traveling on foot, boat and bus had taken it’s toll on them both. Her favourite pair of jeans had also seen better days before the journey too, a fist sized hole now over her right knee. But clothes were clothes she thought, as she rose from her chair and stretched up her arms, making her shoulder blades click back.

“Jeez, that feels good” she sighed, letting her toes wriggle into the carpets soft fabric. When she was done, she grabbed her bag and spilt its contents onto the floor. A mixed mash of clothes, bedding, food and artist pencils pooled out in a tsunami of colours and fabrics. Once empty, Evie dropped to her knees and fished through the contents, before she found her camera. With a small cry of delight, Evie stood and flicked through the images on the small display screen. The one good thing this trip had brought, were the pictures. Beautiful views across mountains, woods and fields, and her favourite picture of home, back in Johto, on the ranch. Her aunt and uncle smiled at her from the display screen for a few minutes before she turned her camera off and grinned.

Stooping down and grabbing her bag, she stuffed her camera back inside along with her sketch book and a hand full of pencils. Her skateboard, leaning against the door was snatched up and she shoes slipped on, before she wondered over to the bed were Leka lay.

“Come on Lee” she giggled in a hush tone, stirring the Pokémon from his dose. “I know it’s been a long trip, but let’s go do something to celebrate our first day here at our new home” she grinned encouragingly at him. “I was thinking the beach.”

Leka, who would have been happy to have celebrated their arrival with a nice long nap, begrudgingly pulled himself up and stretched before moving up and over to the door, where Evie caught up to him. Here, closing the door behind her, Evie then took in a deep breath, before starting towards the main entrance of the dorm and what she thought was the direction of the beach.
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