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I'm certainly interested so I'll join if you'll have me
My SU is below so you can get a good idea and tell me anything that needs fixing

Name: Gau Ashcroft

Age: 17

Appearance: Gau is approximately 6 ft 3 and quite thin. He has a pale complexion, black eyes and grey hair (naturally grey not prematurely grey). His hair is straight and quite long framing his face and coming down to his neck in the back. He usually wears a soft but blank expression on his face. Hi usual clothes include pale blue jeans, a charcoal grey short sleeved shirt and an unzipped hoodie of the same colour. He has a dark green backpack and a brown belt with slots for carrying pokeballs as his team grows.

Personality: Gau is a strange guy, he is softly spoken most of the time and prefers to watch people than join in with them, although he in't particularly shy either.. He is a very knowledgeable and creative person who is thirsty for knowledge and is generally curious about people, pokemon and their motives. He is a talented writer and almost always is writing something down be that notes or fiction. He has often wondered what his purpose is in life and what makes him important.

History: Gau came home to find his family missing at a young age and has been scavenging and doing odd jobs to support himself ever since. He has been living in a room in Sandgem's pokemon centre for a while now and helping with jobs such as cleaning to make-up for his lengthy stay. Despite being so close to the lab he until recently had been to preoccupied with questions of his worth to even consider becoming a trainer, making the decision far later than most people. After encouragement from the local nurse he decided that it was time to stop moping and to make an effort to discover his place. With Rowan's request he feels he has found that place.


Teddiursa (Character undecided on nickname, level 5, Female, Guts,) - Covet, Scratch

I have a few questions also...
1. Can we teach TM and Move Tutor moves through training? Or have them learn them during battle?
2. How do we level up our pokemon?
3. Can we use PCs
4. If we can evolve whenever what are the points of the levels anyway?

Sorry about the questions I'm just trying to clear things up for myself
Let me know if my SU is ok.

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