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mind if I join??

Name: Willow Greenheart
Age (15+): 19

Gender: Female
Willow is a small, medium build with softly tanned skin, the colour of melted caramel. Big brown eyes with streaks of gold running through the deep mahogany colouration, are set into a small heart shape face, with pastel shades of rose pink, colouring her cheeks and lips. Her chestnut hair is short and spiky, with a full fringe that has grown too long lately and always gets in her eyes, and is often mistake for red rather than brown. She sports a small nose, with a few stubborn freckles which refuse to go away from her hours in the sun, dotting her cheeks here and there. At first glances, her face comes across pixie-ish, this idea only being set in stone when she flashes her lop-sided grin, completing the image of the small winged, mystical creature.

She usually wears, a canary yellow, cropped hoodie, with a black strap top and a pair of faded denim shorts. Oversized trainers complete the scruff look, as well as a constant bed head, hair style. Her left hand is wrapped up in a white bandage, hiding a crimson burn mark from when she was a child. Along with this, a backpack, cream in colour and peppered with holes, goes everywhere with her. Wrapped round her neck is a black ribbon, which dangles from it’s silk treads is a small silver bell. Her lucky charm, give to her from her Grandma to keep bad spirits away.

Personality: Willow has always been a happy go lucky type of girl. She tries to see the best in everyone, even if they have tied her up and put her in a base somewhere, she’ll find something nice to say about the person, no matter how physco he is. But though this can be seen as a good thing, it is always her greatest weakness. She is too forgiving and too open to others that it often leads to her being tricked, hurt and used. But don’t let this side of her fool you, if you have insulted one of her friends or even hurt them and made them cry, Willow will step up to the platform and fight for her friend. She’s also a bit of a tom boy and any suggestion of a skirt or dress and in fact anything to do with her hair, will leave a willow shaped dust cloud in the spot where she had been sitting. Use to spending her time out and about, she’s no stranger to mud or hard work, always willing to lend a helping hand.

History: There’s not much too Willow, she’s always just been the charming, bubbly girl everyone knows back at home.
She grew up with her mum, never knowing her dad, in a small village. Helping out at a local Veg store her mother ran as well as running errands for people for a little pocket money, here and there. The most exciting thing that ever happened to her was when she got too close to a fire pokemon. She had been eager to play and took no care in what the wild pokemon wanted to do, and so just like if she had been playing with a cat, she got burned. Only on her hand mind you and a small simple reminder to her that she must always pay attention to other people’s wants and needs. Bar that, the rest of her adventures lead to her being stuck up a tree when apple scrumping, or stuck on a cliff, when rock climbing.

Pokemon: Eevee
Nickname: Jinxsey,
Gender: Boy
Ability – Cute charm.
tacklle and Tail whip.

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