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Quote orignally posted by alienhunterx:
But Blane has three pokes when you battle him. How come thare is only one n yo situation. Explan that first?
Battle tha first time 3-on-3 and lose causes a tebe rocket event ta happen at tha base of tha volcano wit tha ice bomb. Beat tham and he gives a second chance ta you but it's one-on-one aganst an OP Magmar that FireBlasted mah Level 50 Squirtle right out of tha WATER, or err... Magma... so ta speak... Squirtle gots knocked out and when I tried rapng ta him agan, he was runnng tha sript that should play when you try rapng ta him after he was beaten and gave you tha badge and TM. It's a clean ROM, so tha problem has ta be wit tha script. It doesnt change mah enjoyment of tha gbee, but it is frustratng that I didnt earn tha badge, I was just given it. Ya know?

Also n tha Cnnabar Lab, you can fnd where tha doors were coz it lets you walk nta tha walls. It's quite funny actually. Hahaha
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