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I chose a Fire starter and the Archen Fossil (later trading for the others of each starters and Fossils, have them all now). I have really only kept them in action enough to evolve for the Pokédex, so I'm going on intuition and what's been said above (plus the fact that he looks so much more bad-ass) in choosing Samurott. My knowledge of Fossils to date is that they tended in other games to also be weaker; I have a harder time fighting with any Fossils as there's usually something around to vanquish them. Almost anything will win over them for me. Aerodactyl might be an exception.

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
You knew who I'd obviously pick here didn't ya?
You chose Snivy, I'd bet...wait, no?

"Y' Emolga really wants to shock your Dedenne."

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