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Huh, I am actually unfortunately not sure if they ever edited or even removed the more - ahem - "double-edged" scenes from the German or Italian versions of Pokémon, but I did hear about how some things were definitely removed from the English version of it.

Now, as much as I get why they removed what they removed (I went to watch the scenes on YouTube some day), I always find it somewhat dumb when Animes get edited or censored. >.<

I disliked it just as much in Sailor Moon, how they made a big deal out of Haruka x Michiru, so I obviously also didn't like what they did with Pokémon.

I personally feel like this stuff is not up to the "tv" (or the people who review the series), but to the parents. If they don't want their kid to find out about - let's say - transsexual people via a show (Scene with James and the bathing suit), they should just not use the tv as their personal babysitters.

Maybe I am just very old-fashioned about this stuff, I don't know.
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