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Dalex and Braveheart came up on the town. They flew to the pokemon center and Braveheart let go of Dalex. Dalex landed on his feet and Braveheart landed next to him. "Good job Braveheart. Now take a good long rest." Dalex said pulling a poke ball from his belt. Braveheart called in relief as the red light zapped him back into his poke ball. Dalex put the ball back on his belt and walked into the Poke Center. He seen trainers talking to each other about pokemon, old and young. He figured all were here for the ceremony. He walked over to the counter. Nurse Joy smiled at him, "What can I do for you tonight sir?" Nurse Joy asked in her sweet voice. "Just need my pokemon checked out for now." Dalex said smiling. Nurse Joy nodded and took his poke balls into the back room.

He walked over to a counter where he saw some magazines about Suicune. Like always, there was always gossip on them. One title read "Morty Behind the Suicune Mystery"? Dalex couldn't help, but facepalm and shake his head. A few minutes later, Nurse Joy returned with his poke ball.

"All of them are fine. May want to let your Braviary rest for the rest of the night. I presume you flew from somewhere?" Nurse Joy Asked.

"Yes ma'am. I flew from New Bark Town." He said. He thought about telling her about the Ursaring and Gyarados, but decided that it may scare some of the younger trainers or make some of the more arrogant trainers try to go catch one.

"Here for the Ceremony?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Yes ma'am. I wanted to see what I could do to help out." Dalex said, again biting his tounge about the two pokemon he encountered that day.

"Well, you still have a little while before it starts. You have a good night Dalex." She said.

"Thank you Nurse Joy." He said waving. When he turned around four kids came running up at him. All four about 8-years old. There was two boys and two girls.

"Mister, Mister! Did Nurse Joy just say you had a Braviary!?" One boy asked excitedly.

Dalex chuckled thinking back to when he was the same way at their age. "Yes she did."

"Can we see him!? Please!!" The same boy said.

"Yes, pretty please!!" the other three kids said.

"No not right now. He is tired." He said rubbing the boys head and messing up his hair. The kids dip their heads in disappointment and started turning away.

"But, check this out." Dalex said pulling out his poke ball that had Snap in it. He threw his poke ball in the air and Snap appeared.

"Krook." Snap said crossing his arms.

"Oh wow!! It's a Krookodile!!" the kids exclaimed.

"That's right, this pokemon is only found in the Unova Region. My home region." Dalex said.

The kids cheered. Snap loved the attention he was getting. Dalex's xtransceiver started ringing. He brought his wrist up and pressed answer on it. A picture of Skyla appeared.

"DALEX HAVEN!! YOU LITTLE-" Dalex jumped in fear and shut off the xtrasceiver quickly before she could finish her sentence. He sighed in relief.

"Sorry kids, but I got to make a call." Dalex said.

"Ooo.. it's his girlfriend." the two girls said making kissy noises.

Dalex put up his hands and shook the left to right. " No. No just a friend." He said looking around with adults laughing. He started turning red.

"Yeah, whatever." The kids laughed running off.

Dalex reached for Snap's poke ball and recalled him. He put the poke ball back on his belt and walked toward the door. As he was exiting, another teen about his age with blond hair and green eyes entered. The boy looked a little shaken as if he had seen another powerful pokemon. Dalex nodded at the teen as if saying hey, but no words ever came out. Dalex walked for about seven minutes and found a bench to sit at near the small city park that would probably be full during the day. Street lamps started coming on and the sun was almost down and the moon was starting to rise. He moved his wrist up and pressed call back and as soon as he did Skyla appeared yelling once again is her dark red hair.

"WHAT!! How dare you hang up on me and try to call me back!" She yelled.

"I was-" he was cut off by her again.

"NO! Don't talk! I am mad at you." She said turning her head from the screen.

Dalex closed his eyes and sighed, "I was at the Poke Center showing Snap off to some kids." He said

Skyla turned her head back around and faced to screen. "Ooh."

"I didn't want the kids to hear what you might have said." He said laughing a little.

"That still doesn't explain why you haven't called me!!" Skyla yelled again. Dalex froze in fear again.

"I am sorry. I was actually about to call you." Dalex said.

"I was worried sick mister! I heard that pokemon were getting out of control in Johto and I knew you were there." She said, her eyes watering a little.

"Well, I was fine till I was almost killed by a Magikarp..." He said looking down.

"What!? A Magikarp!?" She said looking mad again.

"He evolved into a dang Gyarados...." He said.

"Ooh. That isn't good!" Skyla said with a smile.

"Tell me about it." He said back.

"So, how is Braveheart and have you caught any new pokemon?" She asked laying back on her bed.

"Braveheart is fine. And yeah, I caught a Larviatar on the peak of Mount Silver about a week ago. His name is Shadow." He answered.

"Good good. Remember to keep Braveheart safe. It was from m- never mind." She said.

Dalex looked at the time and he knew he needed to get something to eat soon. "Isn't it early in the morning there at the moment?"

"Yes, you know how it is being a cargo pilot and all. I have to make a trip to Kanto and Johto soon. So maybe we will see one another then. I better go, my grandfather will be yelling at me soon." Skyla said.

"Ok. Talk to you later." Dalex said.

"Say hello to Falkner for me if you see him!" She yelled.

"I wil- Wait... Falkner!?" Dalex spat.

"Bye!!" She smiled and hung up.

"Why Falkner!?" Dalex said yelling at the xtransceiver like she could still hear him.

He sighed. She always wanted to make him envious when she got a chance, but he couldn't help to laugh. He got up and walked away into the town to see if he could find a good burger place, so he could get something to eat.
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