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Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
This thread went to a strange place.

Out of curiosity, Rune Alchemist, would you mind linking to any of your Fanfiction? I'd be interested in taking a look. :3
I'd rather not, until I get the hang of writing.

Most of the things in my Fanfiction account is rubbish, something I made two years ago. Not my most glamorous year, since I was 15 then.

You can imagine the kind of stuff I write. I am taking one story seriously, but it's slow going, and only has one chapter. A Persona 3/4 Fic.

Ah, most of my posts allow other players to interact with mine. I consider myself the RPer who gets the connection going. I did that in Darkness Rising (I mean Darkness Lurking!), did that in another RP, and I'm doing it in the rest of RPs I'm joining. Especially the one I'll create! So if I'm going to post, I'll post it so that my character faces her window then cut it there, to allow someone to see/interact with her.

On that note, I won't post till the RPM says so. 'Sides, I have to clean it up.
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