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Okay, so update number (gosh is this only 3?)

Current Team at start: WALL-E the Bronzor, Ludgate the Shellos, Sycamore the Grotle, Bonnie the Vespiquen, and Eden the Aipom

-Started off from Wayward Cave
-Met some blue haired guy in Mt. Coronet, he probably isn't important
-Saw mom at contest hall, what a surprise! :O
-Beat up Barry, his starly came thiiiis close to killing my poor little monkey!
-Went up to Lost Tower, and beat all the trainers. My GOD the wild gastlies are incredibly annoying! Confuse Ray and then curse almost cost me Bonnie. I hope I don't ever have to return to Lost Tower to morn a friend. :(
-Beat the trainers on route 210 (or whatever that route is after solaceon

I'll update more later tonight!
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