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Evie Bellarost
“Nice to meet you, Jay,” Evie chimed, trying to put on her best grin, though this resulted in timid quirk of the lips. “you don’t mind if I call you Jay, right?” her voice quivered slightly but she knew she shouldn’t let it show. “I’m Evie and Leka’s my Umbreon”

Mentally Evie cringed at her own awkwardness, she couldn’t believe that Leka had done this to her. So much for being my best friend! She thought acidly, shooting the sleek Pokémon a look which would have caused a herd of wild torus to stop and run in the opposite direction. Leka however was unaffected and simply did was Leka did best, giving her a look that for all intensive purposes was him smirking at her, before moving forward and leaping gracefully up onto a bolder opposite Jay.

Evie narrowed her eyes in glare at the Pokémon but regardless of her feelings now she knew Leka was in the right. If she was going to stand a chance here, she would just have to man up and make friends. Biting her lip, she looked back at Jay and smiled again before walking tentatively forward, picking a rock to sit on. After a few moments, she chose one next to Umbreon and climbed rather ungracefully up. Settling atop the rock, she pulled out her sketch book, before fishing inside her bag for a pencil.

“so” she started, still rooting around her bag for a pencil, “you been coming here long?” she felt odd asking the question and though the boy had agreed to her sittin with him, she felt unwelcome. Unsure, however, if that was just her nerves, she ignore that feeling and pressed on, determined not to let her shyness get in the way this time. “It’s so beautiful here” she grinned at last finding her pencil, before taking in a big breath “ and smells wonderful! Reminds me of Cherrygrove, back home.” With this she closed her eyes, as if picturing it and truly smiled, her pink lips pulling back gracefully, and warming her cheeks. “It’s so nice back home this time of year, my aunt use to take me there to look at some shops in the holidays, when we were working on the ranch.” Slowly she opened her eyes again, the pastel shades of the flowers in the grove fading back into memory along with laughter of her aunt, and looked over at Jay, “you’re Pokémon look amazing by the way, never really seen a bird Pokémon up close, are they difficult to train?” admiration filled her voice in honey tones. All looked healthy and strong, well looked after and seemed well natured from first glances. whether this was true, Evie left to find out on closer acquaintance. Opening her sketch book, she fingered through the thick pages, skipping past water colour paintings and random sketches, before she found a fresh page. It's blank face stared back up at her, full of potential. Slowly, line by line, she began to copy the landscape in front of her, remembering her aunt's instructions from when she was a child, her voice filling her head, instructing her on each stroke.

Leka let out a snort as his way of laughing, looked up at the birds. Much like Evie, he’d never truly paid much attention to bird Pokémon back on the ranch, bar hoot, who many a time had stayed awake with him through long winter nights and watched the moon with him. In respect he bowed his head each of them, one at a time in greeting, before stretching his legs then tucking them underneath him neatly. “Leka’s the name, nice to meet ya’ll” he nodded. “Hope we aren’t intruding in your peace and quiet. Just, Evie is a big artist and can’t resist a good view.”

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