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Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
I'm just gonna give it a shot...
I'd like your Shiny Woobat, Klink, Sneasel and Piloswine.
Just CMT to find what you want.
If you're not interested in four Pokemon, then just get rid of some Pokemon.
Hi there Rainy!
Sure, I wanna trade.
I'm interested in your your Naive Shaymin, your Bold Manaphy, your Modest Deoxys and your Jolly event shiny Gollurk for those shinies No need to clone as I'm not really attached to them.

Originally Posted by Kaitou View Post
Heya! I'd like to take one of your giveaway Pichus as well. I'd prefer a male one and would it be possible to get it nicknamed?
Yeah, okay, which nickname would you like me to give to your Pichu?
Also, tell me your timezone and what's a good time for you to trade.
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