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The world is gone, and I am free-falling. For an instant, I panic, but only to find the ground materialize beneath my feet. I'm still surrounded by sand, but my house is gone. Instead there are huge cliffs above me, somewhat blocking me from the sand in the wind. I squint my eyes, trying to block out the rest of the sand.


I take off my outer shirt, stripping down to my tee. I half-*ss wrap my shirt around my head, like a shemagh. Boom instant windblocker. Okay its sorta better, but I should really get to shelter.

Looking around, I spot something that looks like ruins of an old village. I start to head that way, but I hear laighter. It kinda sounds like...oh god*mnit Kefka.

"HAHAHA! You thought you could sneak out on your own? WITHOUT ME? You thought wrong! That old house of yours got so boring when you left - BORING! Hahahaha. But that..." he points at the ruins and says, "... that looks FUN! Where there's life, there's KILLING to do!

"Whoa whoa whoa, hold the phone. Before we start massacring helpless villagers, tell me whats going on. Why am I here? Where is here? And what is the damn point of this game?" Its about time somebody told me that.

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