Thread: Development: Adding [a] new type[s] in gen 3?
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Originally Posted by NintendoBoyDX View Post
Its possible to do this simply by extending the battle types table in the rom. But you'd also have to: redraw and extend the graphic that has all the type "boxes" and edit that routine. You'd have to hack the loader as for the battle type table as well. Finally, you'd have to hex edit any pokemon with the new type manually, because there are no editors that would support it currently.
Or, even worse, they don't have a type table and it's all based inside a routine. :O
Also, the fact that most ASM hacks don't go too far because programs won't support them could be fixed extremely easily: open-source coding!

Unfortunately, all the code devs on this site seem to be either not willing to share their code, or they make a tool and then loose the code (me). Also, if they were open source, it'd make porting to Mac OSX and Linux a ton easier for the people and developers of the tools. (An example, when NSE 2.x's source was released, I managed to port it to Mono, which makes it possible to run on Mac and Linux.) Also, if a new hack arises, someone can fork a project to add it, and then have it merged into the main project.

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