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ミハラ Ariel

Ariel is slowly coaxed awake by a gentle rocking and the low hum of an engine. She peered an eye open, then rubbed the drowsiness away. Noticing that she's in a room -correction, moving room- filled with moving boxes (as in those used for moving things, not actual moving boxes. Well, they are moving, but that's just inertia) she sat up against a stacked pile, trying to remember what happened.

Reaching up to touch the top of her head, she felt the fedora resting on it and things clicked.


Suddenly, the truck -or so she thinks- stopped, causing a light box to fall to her side.

'ミハラ ありえる
LittleRoot, Hoenn'
She read.

Taking a cutter from her bag, she crossed out her name then cut the packaging tape and peeked inside. The contents of the box is a pile of her clothes, from casual to sleepwear, and a red beret. She slipped it in her bag, then stood up, the box now laying forgotten on the floor.

A loud metalic squeaking on one side of the room caused her to turn. The shutters on one side of the wall opened, forcing the girl to raise her arm to block the intruding light. From the other side of the veil, two arms reached in and took stacks of boxes, letting Ariel see a glimpse of them.

One pair of arms seems to have white fur growing all throughout its length, and instead of hands has a set of claws. To the girl, it seemed to be very familiar, like she had seen those arms before but couldn't recall where.

The other pair has grayish-blue skin with red tatoo like strips on the bicep and triceps. It also has the thickes muscles Ariel has ever seen, and as it lifted three large boxes labeled for different heavy furniture, she supposed that they're fully functional.

"Airi-chan, hurry up! Look at our new house!" Said a voice.

"That's Kaa-san, but she sounds like Tou-san..." She thought, moving to leave. As she stepped down from the back of the truck (She's right!) she took a moment to admire the little town.

Grass is growing everywhere, with flowers dotting the fields; the houses are evenly spaced, enough to give each privacy without being too far away from each other; a large building loomed at one end of the town, towering over the houses in the area; people walking around the place, some giving her inquiring stares, but most just smiled and waved; she looked ahead to her neighbor's house, seeing someone in the second story window. Unfortunately, the glare from the morning sun in the glass shadowed the face, costing her the identity of whoever was looking out.

"Machoke." A deep voice to her side caused Ariel to turn, finally noticing that she didn't move from her spot since she stepped out. She stood aside to let the creature continue its work, not at all bothered to see something so peculiar. Few things can faze her, and her open mindset brushed it off till she figures out what is going on.

Suddenly, she is dragged inside the house by her mother. "Quite cozy, right? Unova was always too fast-paced for you." her mother said as the house is presented before them. Several of the man-like blue and furry white ape-like creatures moved about setting the place ready for residency.

As Ariel watched the creatures move, she suddenly noticed that they looked suspiciously like real lif-

She glances down at her school bag, there is a key chain attached, that of a Vigoroth[1] The girl remembers that she won it off a gatcha machine when she and her friends went out the first time. Ariel even remembers the comment they made about her and the chain.

'Hah! Ai-chan got a Vigoroth! That's ironic! She has the complete opposite motivation and temper as it! Hahahah~'

A weak boiling inside her makes her want to lightly hit Keitaro for that comment, but he's not here right now and the emotion is too weak to last.

'Vigoroth? Pokemon?' She thought.

"Vigor!" One of the white-furred creatures saluted them, and now that he looks closer it is a real live Pokemon.

"Thank you Vigoroth. Has your owner been treating you well?" Her mother asked. The Vigoroth nodded, then handed a check-board to her.

"Oh, right. Airi, you should check your room. I think they have brought everything in, but you never know."

A quick climb the stairs and a hallway later, she's in her room, facing East and out to the street.

The room looks like it did when she lived in Sumida, every detail, even the PS3 (Her Wii broke) under the Television had the stickers of Puella Magi on it.

She grabbed the stuff toy from her bed, a white rabbit-like creature with beady red eyes and gold rings around its long ears, and then threw herself into the bed.

She stayed like that, staring into nothing, trying to process what happened. Then, she cried.

She cried for a good while.

Ariel came to a short time later, judging that the sun is still shining on her, and then fixed herself up.

Everything is here, everything is fine, everything is alright.

She walked to the window, seeing another person looking at her, and thought 'I'll get through this, like I did the other times.'
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