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Looks like we're going to have to find replacements for seven people (BLOOOD-La-ti-, Ghost Tamer Tommy, Musica, Pixelrush, pknight96, Thunder_Chad, and Vrai). They failed to reply to my private message, so they're considered inactive. However, they can still remain in the PC League if they reply to my message before the replacements fill up.

This means that sign ups are open. Simply post which team you want to join (if you have a preference) along with your PC Battle Server username. The season will start immediately after we find replacements.

Here are the teams at the moment:

Team 1
• Forever
• Lapras*
• shnen2
• Wolflare
• Zeffy

Team 2
• Icy Burn
• Miss Doronjo
• P-Sign
• RandomTrainerWhoCould
• Aryan143

Team 3
• Archer
• krazzikk
• darkserperior
• DaydreamsAway
• tajaros