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I would have preferred Braniac over Zod, but Zod can still be an effective villain for the movie in his own right. Expect a long rant about his dastardly plan and then a few epic punch ups between Superman and Zod, both inflicting equal amount of damage to each other due to them both being Kryptonians! I wouldn't be surprised to see an appearance from Zod's son, who betrayed him in the comics and locked him up in the Phantom Zone.

To be honest, you know what I'd really like? A nice cameo appearance from Bizarro Superman. He could never be considered a real villain in the movies, unless he was part of a plotline in which the real master behind the plot was using him as a scapegoat for his crimes (something Lex Luthor would do, but we've moved on from Lex, lol) or something along the lines of that. I'd also be open to Doomsday dropping in, too, though he'd by far be considered the villain of the plot.

But really, I'm not that excited about this. Superman is boring.
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