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Here I will dump any Fakemon I draw.
I apologize that I am using MS Paint, it is just that I have no better program such as Photoshop or Flash.

The grass starter. Name is made up of crocodile and leaf. I noticed a trend with all grass starters, that they were all reptiles.

Based on oil spills. The name is a simple mix of British (British Petroleum) and fish.

The evolution of Britfish. The name is a mix of petroleum and whale. I honestly had a kinda difficult time trying to make it's design differ from Wailord.

The name is made up of dung and scarab. A combination of two beetles that I am honestly suprised hasn't been made yet.

The name is a mix of ember and seed. Based a Pokemon around a type combination rather than anything else. Turned out great.

Name is a mix of echo and Audino. It deserved a pre-evolution, and maybe an evolution.

Name is a mix of raptor and rib. An evolution for Marowak. I don't know what compelled me to make it raptor-like, but like Embseed, it turned out great.

Have no name for these two... They are both based on the pistol shrimp, and cooking seafood. There are also some pirate mixed in there too, but only subtly.

Let me know on what you think of my Fakemon... Please?

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