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Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
I don't mean to interrupt, but would you folks be interested in holding some sort of "Pokémon of the Week" in here? Basically, one Pokémon is (randomly?) picked every week and everyone is given the task to try and use it. This thread can be used for discussing strategies and interesting moments regarding it, since people claim that there's nothing to talk about.

If you support the idea and don't have much to add, just "like" this post.
I think it's a great idea. I'm often lost as to what I should use or structure my team around, so this could be excellent motivation.

Whatever it is could be randomly chosen from the bottom half of the NU usage list. Ditching stupid pokemon is probably a good idea, though. We don't want to be using Ledian, Plusle or Luvidisc - let's be honest. Maybe knock off the bottom xx%?

I think you should start this ASAP.

Also, if Snover is now NU, I can see Rotom-F getting very popular.