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I named myself with my both own name (White 2) and Kyouhei (Black 2), my rival always as Hugh and my Pokemon:

Samurott: Mizu - Japanese for 'water'.
Lucario: Aura with a star symbol behind it - It's an aura user and it is my star Pokemon.
Hydreigon: Hydra - Well, a hydra has many heads, and so does Hydreigon.
Darmanitan: Darmi - Couldn't find a better name for it lol.
Crobat: Sora - Japanese for 'sky'.
Eelektross: Elexa - I just liked the sound of that name, plus I had not many name ideas as well.

Yeah, very original names there huh? Haha. There were just 5 characters for renaming in the Japanese version; not much to fit in there.
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