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Originally Posted by Satycorn89 View Post
This thread is amazing, I wish I had found it earlier.
So when you have time, I need:
Shinx-Adamant, Indimidate, Female
Elekid-Jolly(If you have one), if not, Adamant.
Togepi-Modest Nature(Serene Grace)
Probopass-Bold Nature
If you can, always *IF* you can, I'd appreciate if all of the pokemon were in the lowest level possible, and females wherever you can (except for the ralts). If you can get female for any pokemon, than male is ok.
Sure, I can get you te Elekid and Probopass no problem. Same with the Ralts and Shinx .
I might have some complications with Eevee, Totodile and Cyndaquil, since they are so hard to find as female and finding one with the requested nature is near impossible. I've done it before, though, so I should be able again. If not, I guess I'll be sending you a male
About the Togepi... yeah, that's kind of a tricky one... I've bred about 10 Togepi and they all had Hustle, but I'll see what I can do.
And about the Chansey, do you want her as she is or would you preffer a Happiny?

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