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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
@ElitePokes: White Screen bug is not something that can be fixed with hacking.
White screen happens because of bad patching or bad setting of emulator.
@Mathula: Well... you got it right xD Maybe I should change it after the name changing will be available again xD
But on topic... you probably missed it, but the starters will be dealt with =)
We are planning to add sanctuary for the starters where all available starters will be present =)
If I'll really work hard, I might even do it that you cannot obtain the starter you already have xD
Yeah it would be awesome.Also,can someone(not me,please)make a light platinum pokedex.But not a regular one.A pokedex with data like where to find it,how common it is,How many males and females,that stuff.I'm too lazy to do it.
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