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Hello 12345, sorry for my English but I was playing your game, which is fantastic, but I encountered two bugs that made me impossible to keep playing.
The first, deadly but not impossible to solve: When I took the Lapras to Searound City, the Lapras is supposed to wait at the coast, I think. When I arrived at Searound I saved the game and next day Lapras wasn't there, so I couldn't go back (No Surf, no Fly, impossible to use Teleport because I went to the Pokemon Center). The only thing you can do is battle Pryce, who had levels that were too high looking mines. Beside that, I managed after several tryings to beat him and continue (My Ponyta grew up from lvl 21 to 29 )
After that I took the underground to Charpos Island and I went to Magma's Fortress, but one of the Magma's Admin poisoned my last pokemon, Torterra, and I didn't have any potion (I had losed many times with Pryce), so I fainted. And then, for my surprise, instead of appearing in Charpos I appeared in a new place, Surence Town. I saved there i looking around searching the Forest the Magma Team said, I discovered after beating the trainers that I can't escape from there. I have no Surf to go through meteor Falls and in the bridge there are 2 guardians blocking the path, looking to the other side, and they say "The bridge is under reparation", so I can't move. Anyway, the NPC say that it's the town with the last gym leader, the dark town.

I hope you can fix this for your nexts updates.
Thanks for reading, and i think your game is awesome!
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