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I honestly haven't heard anything like that. Now, DS games may look a bit blurry on a 3DS, however it's nothing that will ruin the game. The music sounds fine as well, perhaps even a bit louder. But it's not awful and nothing makes the game unplayable or messed up. You might have better luck asking in the Video Game's Q&A thread though, because this thread is more for questions about Pokemon game mechanics and game choice rather than console choice or things not relating to Pokemon games. If you want more insight to the consoles themselves, you can ask there. As for how Pokemon games play on a 3DS though, they've always been fine for me, however, I can't speak for the 3DS XL, though I doubt it messes up your game or makes it look bad or anything. You might also consider looking up videos to see if anyone shows how the game looks on one, but idk if there are any videos like that. Worth a shot though, right?
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