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It was just as Evie had begun to draw the first feather light stroke, that her concentration was interrupted. Letting out a disgruntled snort, the girl looked up from her work, catching eyes with her Pokémon, before arching a questioning eye brow.

Leka had let out a gentle bark, his ear on end and quivering which only meant one thing. New company. The dark Pokémon had picked up on the sound of approaching footsteps across the sand before the boy had appeared in his line of sight and as a warning system back at home, whenever Evie was doing something she wasn’t meant to be, Leka had taken to being her look out, standing his ears on end as a signal.

Upon seeing this, Evie felt herself tense, one new person was bad enough, but two? Words could not even describe her level of discomfort at this thought. Shifting her weight slightly, she adjusted her sketch book and looked up from her work. Sure enough, walking towards them was a boy. He looked around the same age as her, and Jay for that matter, but she wasn’t entirely sure.

Perhaps he will walk on by? She thought to herself, semi hoping it would come true. However her hopes were sorely disappointed, as the boy came nearer and nearer, until at least he had arrived at the cove. He was shoeless, which Evie supposed was a good idea when thinking of the amount of sand already gathering in her soles, but she did not linger on this thought for long.

"Hey, I'm Wyatt..."

This greeting cut short her thought process with a bump, causing her to almost drop her pencil and making her fumble wildly on her perch, but once she regained her posture she smiled, somewhat embarrassedly at the boy.
It was then with a wave of relief that she realised that the boy, Wyatt, as he had introduced himself as, was not looking in her direction and had thankfully missed her fumbling fit. Though her cheeks kept the bright crimson, colour for at least another couple of minutes.

“Erm, hey” Evie grinned, tucking back a lose straight of silk, silver hair behind one ear. “nice to meet ya, I’m Evie. Sorry I didn’t give a warmer welcome, didn’t see ya coming’”

So ok, it was a tiny fib, but she was trying her best to come across as at least a semi normal, non- nervous wreck.

Twisting the pencil around in her fingers, she racked her head for something else to say, determined not to let an awkward silence fall over the group. As there was nothing else she hated more, than awkward silence. It was at those points in a conversation, that she would simply smile, say cool, then slowly and point-fully put her headphones on and hit play…

However, just as she was about to open her lips and continue to exchange pleasantries with the new company, she was once again interrupted by Leka, who was now stood up, ears straight and eyes focused at some form of commotion on the beach. His fur was stood on end, and from his throat came a low snarl.

This noise made Evie faultier in her weak attempt at conversation and made craned her neck in an attempt to see what Leka was so focused on and that’s when she heard it. It was quiet, but defiantly there. A shout.
She could only just make out snippets over the wind, but the message was clear enough.


Bolting up right and sending her sketch book tumbling to the floor, Evie reacted without hesitation. Whistling sharply to Leka, she leapt from her perch, hitting the ground with a thud before sprinting towards the source of the sound. There was no time for explanation bar a hurried “Sorry!” as she sped away from jay and past Wyatt.

Leka at the sound of Evie’s whistle, burst forward, vaulting over the smaller rocks and down onto the beach, his muscles bunched with each step and propelling him forward with ease, as he ran swiftly over the sand; catching up to his trainer and over taking her in a blink of an eye.
The sand made it difficult for Eve to run, each step, sinking into the fine sand and causing her movement to be delayed, almost falling on several occasions. But once out of the cove, the source of the scream became apparent. It was yet another boy, who was now balanced on top of a rock, waving towards them.

The corpish, the obvious source of this turmoil, now circled the bottom of the rock, it’s claws clamping together with a metallic like snap. It was angry, even from this distance it was plain, as it circled again. Every now and then trying to scale up the rock surface whereit’s victum was now huddled, to no success.

“Leka!” Evie shouted, her voice carrying on the wind easily, to her companion who was now in easy leaping distance of the raging Pokémon, “shadow ball!”
The command in her voice was undeniable and Leka did not hesitate to carry out his master’s order. Skidding to a stop and spraying sand up into the air, he opened his jaws, focusing his energy up from his heart. Here, nestled between his fangs, a hot ball of dark energy began to gather; it’s pure energy crackling through the air like hot oil, before at last he exhaled, shooting forth a ball of dark, pulsing shadow.

OOC: not sure if I could control Corpish or not, so thought it better to play safe and sorry about the long reply but had a lot to encircle, with two new characters appearing xD

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