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Quote originally posted by Rainy Garden of Fire:
In response to your CMT request...I'd like your DW Politoed and your DW Dragonite.
Later, when we trade, can you transfer my DW Jolteon to my White 2 so I can clone?
Hm, nevermind about the Jolteon. I can breed them. What ball is he in? What's his nature? And IVs?
I don't have any politoeds or Dragonites, but I can breed you DW dratinis and poliwags. Females. Which one do you prefer?

Quote originally posted by skywolf:
Can i have the shiny litwick as well as the pichu what do you want for litwick
Sure, you can have the pichu. What's a good time for you to trade? What's your timezone?
The shiny litwick is not for free, depends on what you have to offer.

Quote originally posted by Juiceball:
Hi, could I please have a Pichu?
Yeah What's a good time for you to trade? What's your timezone?

Quote originally posted by Kaitou:
Hey, Masaru. Thanks. My Timezone is CST (gmt -6). I'd like him to be named "Raiden" from Mortal Kombat lol. Today, I'll be available in an hour or two. Tomorrow I'm not sure but I'll be around. Every other day is after 5:30 pm.

Funny we're both looking for a good Zapdos xD
It's nicknamed! I'll try to be on as much as possible, so pm me when you're able to trade.
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