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Name: Valon Layne

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: A fairly average teen in all aspects of the word, from his average semi-muscular build to his average medium length black hair that covered half of his ears. Standing at a hieght of 5'7 with bright blue eyes that give him a warm appearance. He wears blue jeans that even before the mutated virus turned the world into a living hell were never in the cleanest state, a plain white T-shirt that was saved from all sorts of filth by the black hoodie usually worn over it, with a simple pair of black shoes completing his wardrobe.

Personality: Valon was always a free spirit, but after the loss of a dear friend at the start of the outbreak, as well as any family being presumably dead -- he became almost reckless. His desire to avoid death having died along with all his friends and family made him a monster to the monsters. Untrusting to the living -- believing that they are most likely monsters to still be alive -- and unkind to the dead he is a wild card in the world. He faces the world ready to tackle any obstacle, developing a type of thrill seeking complex, doing insane stunts that many would shy away from just to reaffirm to himself that he is still alive.

He can be friendly to people once they've earned their trust, but as the days go by that window gets smaller and smaller. He is prone to making jokes about any situation, perferring not to focus on the negatives, but rather on the positives as he tries to take down every undead creature he comes across until the day he dies.

History: Valon grew up in Celadon, recieving his Treecko as a gift at the age of sixteen. Embarking on a journey soon after he realized his love of the world -- just in time to develope a burning hatred for it. Upon the initial wave upon the outbreak Valon had been in Lavender town, a small stroke of luck that had most likely spared him from death. Witnessing his family overrun from the videophone -- having called to check up on them upon hearing of what was occurring -- he became fearful of death that seemingly loomed everywhere. Running out of the center with the intention to run, he came across his first walker -- a human one -- quickly overpowered the only thing that kept him from being infected himself being his Treecko's intrusion which let it take the bite instead. He felt himself die as he watched his Treecko experience the painful death from the wound, his fear replaced with rage as he picked up the nearest item -- a baseball bat -- and beat the walker over the head until its brains were bashed in. Afterwords, he ran into the nearby routes and has walked the world craving excitement and the death of every monster ever since.

Pokemon: None, he once had a Treecko, but it had died at the start of the infection, being the driving force between his personality shift.

Opening Post:

Valon slowly climbed out of the tree he had used as a shelter, his blue eyes observing all directions as he did. Part of him glad to see it was clear, while another part of him had been hoping to see something to let his anger out on. Wiping the broken bits of tree bark off of his hoodie from his uneasy sleep before adjusting the nearly empty backpack that he wore. The action only reminding him of what he needed to do next -- get food.

His rations were running low, dangerously low upon inspection. Nothing but a melted candy bar and a few Oran berries to be exact. A smile gracing his face upon the realization of which town he was closest too and would have to make a run to for supplies -- Vermilion. It was either a level four or three based upon what Valon remembered being said before the televisions had went out. A city that would have many people running in the opposite direction, but Valon considered it quite the opposite.

He was the only one that would willingly run into one of the cities with the highest level of infection, simply because to him it was a win win situation. Either he would get the supplies he needed, as well as kill a lot of zombies, or he would die, and be reunited with his loved ones. He knelt to the ground and picked up the baseball bat, figuring it must have fallen at some point in the night, his sights set down the pathway that would lead him towards his destination.
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